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U.S. Alternative Fuel Station Database–7799 Records

U.S. Alternative Fuel Station Database

The following database are available for sale in MySQL Dump or Excel format
• Price: $14.99
• Paypal Only
• Database installation also available – with phpMyAdmin access and $10.00 each database.
No resell right.
If you want resell right - $199.99 for database and you cannot sale the data within 4 week of the purchase.

Database Fields:
  - Fuel Type Code-
  - Station Name
  - Street Address
  - Intersection Directions
  - City
  - State
  - ZIP
  - Plus4
  - Station Phone
  - Status Code
  - Expected Date
  - Groups With Access Code
  - Access Days Time
  - Cards Accepted
  - BD Blends
  - NG Fill Type Code
  - NG PSI
  - EV Level1 EVSE Num
  - EV Level2 EVSE Num
  - EV DC Fast Count
  - EV Other Info
  - EV Network
  - EV Network Web
  - Geocode Status
  - Latitude
  - Longitude
  - Date Last Confirmed
  - ID

Contact us if you have any question.

Disclaimer - Please note that, this information is public information. I spent several hours to collect and process the data. This is entirely my database. I did not purchase or collect from anyone. So if you think you have the same database chances are you and I collected from the same source. PM Me is you have any question.

Thank you.

Price: $14.99

product | by Dr. Radut