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U.S. Public Schools Database–101,695 Records

U.S. Public Schools Database

U.S. Public Schools Database–101,695 Records

The following databases are available for sale in MySQL Dump or Excel format

* Price: $20.00
* Paypal Only
* Database installation also available – with phpMyAdmin access and $10.00 each database.

U.S. Public Schools Database - 101,695 Records
- Regular School
- Special Education School
- Vocational School
- Other/Alternative School

Database Fields:
School ID
Low Grade Level
High Grade Level
Schools Name
Agency Name
County Name
Address, Cit
Zip 4
Phone Number
Charter ID
Magnet ID
Title1 School ID
Student Count
Teacher Count
Student to Teacher Ratio
Count of Male Students
Count of Female Students
Ethnic Counts for Native American
Student Count on Free Lunch Program
Student Count on Reduced Lunch Program
Number of Migrant Students

Contact us if you have any question.

Please note that, this information is public information. I spent several hours to collect and process the data. This is entirely my database. I did not purchase or collect from anyone. So if you think you have the same database chances are you and I collected from the same source. PM Me is you have any question.


Price: $20.00

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